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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should we choose Tuxego for our Formalwear needs?

A. In a sentence Tuxego offers the Power of a big chain with the personal touch of a hometown shop. To explain, our clients tell us the reason they choose us is because of our original and authentic formalwear consultation. We provide the history and explanation of formalwear, examining the nuances of various styles, compare traditional vs. contemporary, look at appropriate uses of color and the best way to accessorize.

Tuxego provides the largest selection of tuxedo styles and the widest variety of patterns & colors of fullback vests in the area. More importantly, the owner is on premise to personally service your needs for that special day.

Q. When is the best time to register for Formalwear?

A. We recommend scheduling your consultation as soon as you have established a wedding date and are set with the location of the ceremony and reception. You need not leave the tuxes until last, in fact, it is one of the most important aspects of your wedding so you can never come too soon. The earlier you register the more time you allow for your groomsmen to get measured and preventing any last minute worries from the friend who likes to procrastinate.

Q. Should I be looking for any specific designer names?

A. There are many great designers out there, but for the most part they will have many of the same styles in each line. In addition, many of the different designers will use the same manufacturer. What is more important is selecting a style that fits your taste and will provide a picture that you will be pleased to show off for years to come.

Q. Is it necessary to color coordinate or are there other options?

A. Tuxego offers the widest variety of colors and patterns of full back vests in the area, so if color is what you are after you can be sure we have it. However, coordinating the color of the gentlemen’s accessories is only one option. Another option that is very popular is a return to a more traditional look, with putting the groomsmen in black.

Q. There are some very large guys in our wedding. Will that be a problem

A. No. Tuxego offers tuxedos from size 3 to 76. In rental, the technique is to balance the shoulders and the body of the jacket as best as possible. Also for any of the gentlemen who would prefer to own a tux for that custom fit, Tuxego offers great values in formalwear retail packages.

Q. How do we handle getting our guys from out of town measured?

A. For those who have access to the internet, the easiest method is to visit our website and print the measurement page to bring to a formalwear store in their area. If they do not have internet capability we would be happy to fax them the page.

Because of the nature of rental formalwear, it is very important that the gentlemen do not attempt to measure themselves, or use measurements from their last suit etc. A professional measurement from a certified formalwear shop that specializes in renting tuxedos is best. Most companies will provide a complimentary measurement as a professional courtesy provided the gentlemen are respectful of the stores time and service.

Our advice is that your groomsmen call to find out what times are best for the store to have this service provided and that they wear the appropriate clothing for being fitted. A clean undershirt or dress shirt are best. For reasons of hygiene do not wear a tank top, wear underwear and socks. This allows a store to get the best possible fit and maintain health regulations. The store is not required to perform this service all though most will happily do it especially when the gentlemen are polite in their request.

Q. Will doing the second fitting only a couple days before leave enough time?

A. Absolutely! This is how it has been done since I've been in the business. Our supplier delivers the tuxedo on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the event. Once our truck arrives, our dedicated and professional staff takes to performing yet another of our many quality checks to ensure that the merchandise received and the orders are accurate. Then each customer will come in during the times specified and try on the tux for fit and comfort. In most cases they will take the tux with them. If any alterations or changes are needed they will be done well in advance for the customer to pick up for the event.

Q. We will be on our honeymoon the next day, how do we return the tuxedo for the groom and any out of town groomsmen?

A. That is easy! Anyone may drop off the tuxedo on the date specified for return . Typically it is the groom's father, the bride's father, or the Best Man. This is why it is nice to have the tux shop where you park at the front door rather than having to drag several tuxedo garment bags across a parking lot, upstairs, and through a mall.